This school was commonly known as the Bar River School. It was built in 1915 on land purchased from G.H. Lapish in Section 4 of Laird township. The school was built of brick veneer at a contract price of $1,950. Funding sources for this school section then, according to the archives, included Laird Twp., Macdonald Twp., Sylvan Valley School Board, Provincial grant, fifth form grant, rural school library grant, and a grant ($10) for teaching agriculture.

S.S. #4, Bar River School.

An advertisement for a teacher was placed in the August 1915 Family Herald at a cost of $0.50. The records indicate though that the first teacher hired was Miss R.E. Neelands. She had been teaching immediately prior to this in S.S.#1, Bluff School. Her monthly salary is recorded at $55.

Thirty-three students are listed in the September 1915 register. Grade levels ran from Junior primary (Grade 1) to Fifth form (Grade 10). Surnames of students in 1915 are these: Booth, Brodie, Chappell, Collings, Greenwood, Howard, Lapish, Stewart and Stuart.

Board trustees in 1915 were J.H. Lapish, R.E. Stewart and Alex Stewart.

For September 1916, a new teacher was needed, so an ad was placed in the Globe and Empire to attract applicants. This ad cost $3.60 and resulted in the hiring of Miss Proud at a salary of $60/month.

Some early additions to the school and supplies purchased included a furnace from E.N. Moyer Co. costing $150, a ladder from T. Eaton Co. at $1.50, postage and stamps $0.25, pail, broom, nails, and staples from R.D. Cuny $1.50, fencing school grounds $9.00, school clock $5.00, firewood at $3.00/cord, delivered, school fair $20.00 to J.M. MacIntosh (Agricultural Rep.).


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