THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH The history of the Presbyterian Church in the township is interesting. Previous to the erection of a Presbyterian church in Laird those of that faith met with the Presbyterians at MacLennan – a long and arduous trip by wagon. The MacLennan congregation had become divided through disagreementsContinue Reading

THE UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA The event of Church Union was a topic of controversy for many, however, and with the decision made the Bar River Methodist Church became a part of the United Church of Canada, with Mr. Peter Renner as pulpit supply. Rev. Crawford Tate was the firstContinue Reading

THE METHODIST CHURCHThe Methodist cause had its beginnings at Bar River in the home of John Evoy who was a lay preacher. Mr. Evoy had conducted church meetings and preached sermons in his former home area, and had strong religious convictions and invited his neighbours to come to his homeContinue Reading

THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCHA need for a church to provide worship in the Roman Catholic faith, prompted the McKinnon Family of Laird to build their own. St. Gregory’s Roman Catholic Church was erected by the McKinnon brothers, all able carpenters, around the year 1923, on a portion of their farmContinue Reading