A need for a church to provide worship in the Roman Catholic faith, prompted the McKinnon Family of Laird to build their own. St. Gregory’s Roman Catholic Church was erected by the McKinnon brothers, all able carpenters, around the year 1923, on a portion of their farm on Section 29, at the corner of Rydall Mill Road and Highway #17.

St. Gregory’s Roman Catholic Church

The families Ambeaults, Rouleaus and Aitkens worshipped with McKinnons each Sunday, with services being conducted by priests from the Church of the Precious Blood in Sault Ste. Marie. A small bedroom at the rear of the church enabled the priest to spend the night and return the next day to the city. A list of priest’s names includes those of Father Hussey, Father Witchich, Father Buckite, Father McLelland and Father Moore.

The church held great significance for the McKinnon Family when not only were two members of the family married there, but it was also the location for the funeral service in 1950, of Charles McKinnon, the man mostly responsible for its construction.

The construction of the 4-lane highway unfortunately caused the destruction of this lovely church.


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