It is hoped that all those who have read this book will remember with love and respect all those mentioned herein: will remember with pride and reflect on all the efforts and sacrifices made by them in shaping the progressive and prosperous township we have today in this year 1991.


Laird Centennial Celebration Committee Members

Roger Fremlin, Chairperson

Pat Fremlin

Harry Lapish

Verna Lapish

Tom Headrick

Jeanette Halcrow

Marion Krohn

Roy Brocklebank

Dick Beitz

Christine Beitz

Marjorie McDonald


List of Reeves – 1891 to 1991

John Armstrong 1891-92-93-94-1901

Robert Murray  1895-7-8-9- 1900-02-06-07-08-09-11-23-24-31

Wm. Hollingsworth 1896-1903-04

Gideon Reed 1905

Hamilton Taylor 1910

Fremlin 1912-13

William Majaury 1914-15-16-20-30

Due to the death of Mr. Majaury, W. J. Walker was appointed acting Reeve from April 25 until June 2, when Dan McDonald was appointed Reeve

Robert Bruce 1917-18-19-21-32-33-34

Wm. J. Bradshaw 1922

For some reason Mr. Bradshaw did not finish this term and in April E. V. Evoy was appointed acting Reeve until Robert Bruce was appointed Reeve until the end of the term

Don McDonald  1925-26-27-28-29

James Keating 1935-36-37-38-39-40-41-42-49

James Keating resigned – Clark Fremlin replace for one month until Wm. H. Fremlin was appointed for the remainder of the term.

Guy Fremlin 1943

Wm. J. Bradshaw 1944-45

Cecil McWinney 1946

Curtis Cook 1947-48

Wm. H. Fremlin 1950

James Khull 1951-52

Thomas J. Murray 1953-54-55-56-57-58-59-60-61-62

D.J. Fremlin         1963-69

Keith Barkley      1964-65-66-67-68-75-76-77-78-79-80-81-82-86-87-88


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