They Were Both Lay-Preachers And Blacksmiths,
And Set About “Cutting Hay In The Meadow”

Because he could see a dim future for his family in Marlborough Township, Carleton County, John Evoy applied for and was granted land in Laird Township, namely 309 acres in Section 3. In the year 1876, William was sent as the advance party to look the land over, and his father arrived shortly after. Liking what they saw, and filled with the spirit of adventure, they set about “cutting hay in the meadow”, clearing trees and building a house.

John and Maria Evoy

Being both lay preachers and blacksmiths, they were involved in smithing at the old Methodist church on Pim Street, in Sault Ste. Marie, and John Evoy’s diary for the year 1876 records many trips back and forth to the Soo with supplies. Some of these were accomplished in the most severe conditions – indeed, under circumstances where we modern day pioneers wouldn’t venture out the door. They returned to Marlborough and brought the remainder of the family to Algoma in the spring of 1877. What fortitude was required for a man of some 58 years to have the heart to start over in a yet unsettled land! William was married by this time to Marjory Lothian, and one son, Ernest was born in 1875. Marjory was expecting Edith, and her mother made William promise that he wouldn’t make Marjory go down to that “rugged bush” until after the birth, which was July of 1877.

The rest of John’s family were John, born 1844, never married; Mary Anne, born 1847, never married; Elizabeth, born 1849, never married; Robert, born 1851, never married; Theresa, born 1853, married William Kingshott; Luther, born 1859, died in infancy; Reuben, born 1858, married first, to Sarah Johnson, then to Maggie Salisbury (sister to Mrs. Tomlinson); Sophia, born 1861 never married; and Silas, born 1862, married to Christina Johnston.

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