Early documents relating to this school cannot be located. None-the-less it is known that this school section was formed in 1897 by the Municipal council. The first trustees elected were D. Blair, D. Forrest, and T. Lidstone.

A construction contract was let to Levi Mick and Dan McIver in early 1899 to build the school in Section 7. The contractors were to furnish all materials and construct the building at a price of $299. Specifications called for “rough lumber on the outside, then paper and matching siding, lath and plaster inside with wainscotting and painted right away”.

S.S. #3, Laird School, 1961 class: Back row: Stephen Reid, Leonard Lidstone, Brian Mount, Bobby Matthews, Carmen Redmoned (teacher); 2nd row: Ken Evans, Donna Evans, Lee Ellen Collins, Carol Brason Matthews, Judy M., Melvin Mount; 3rd row: Doug Rix, Ron Wyslocky, Tom Fremlin, Duncan Fremlin; 4th row: Laurie Shellhorn, Luba Wyslocky, Sharon Bezo, Peggy Evans, Marilyn brason, Donelda Rix; Front row: Jimmy Fremlin, John Stevens, Vicary Fremlin, Phillip Mount, name unknown.

The school opened in the autumn of 1899. Minnie Collard of Thompsonville was the first teacher. Her salary was $250 for the year. Although documents are lacking, residents of this school section recall the names of several early teachers.

A Miss Doonan taught in 1905 or 1906, and other early teachers included Miss King, Miss Thomas from Echo Bay, Miss Rae McLeod who married Bill Bradshaw, Miss Pearl Gibson of Laird Township and Miss Louella Donahue. A complete listing of teachers from September 1929 is available.

When the Laird Township school area was formed in 1944, Mrs. Victoria Bagler was the teacher. She began teaching in S.S.#3 just prior to the time Laird Township school area was formed. Trustees were Warden Headrick (chairman), James Khull, and Robert Kehoe. Records indicate their positions earned a salary of $1.00 per meeting.

The first slate of trustees for the newly formed Township School area were Mrs. J. Johnston, Mr. C. Tomlinson, Mr. W. Headrick, Mr. V. Catling, Mr. A Becking (chairman) and Mr. H. Henry (secretary/treasurer). The school continued in operation until 1962 when Laird Central School was opened.




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