The first school was built on the corner of NE 1/4 Section P Laird Township, it was built of logs by John Armstrong for $240 and was accepted by the school board August 2, 1884. The first Board meeting was held on November 9, 1883 with trustees Robert Nott, Secretary, Jacob Shewfelt, William Headley Sr., and Murdock MacLeod.

S.S. #2, Tarbutt and Laird School.

The first teacher was Alice Sterling of Sugar Island and her salary was $100 per year. Some of the other early teachers were Maggie Cash, Mary MacLennan and Etta Grimshaw.

The log school was replaced with a frame building in 1897 by Albert Nott for the sum of $495. It was built across the road from the log school on a small gore of land in Section T Laird Township. It was close to the same spot as the present Tarbutt Central School is now.

This school served the Tarbutt and Laird area children until 1921 when the Tarbutt and Laird School section purchased the old Methodist Church that was built in the same area in 1889. They used this building as a junior school from 1921 until 1942. The school board sold this school to Alvin Swire who tore it down and built his house with the material. The number of pupils had dropped and they were able to get them all in the large school. On January 2, 1950 the Board of Education changed the school system so that one Board could handle all the school sections in one township. The Tarbutt & Laird School #2 became Township School Area of Tarbutt & Tarbutt Add’l #3 school.



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