Gas Station And Garage
It appears from all reports that the Schoales family had the comer on the market as far as the local gas stations were concerned. It was the year 1894, that Mr. Francis Hamilton Schoales III came to Laird from Huron County, with his wife and their three children: Francis Hamilton III, Irene Elizabeth and William Lloyd. Farming was his desire in spite of the fact that his parents had wanted him to become a doctor.

Schoales Garage

With one year of medical school, he was a great help with medical emergencies. With the farm purchased, a house was built with the neighbour’s help, and while here four more children were born; Annie Isabelle, Elma Jane, Mona Annette and Marion Blanche. His son, Lloyd, was the only one of the seven children to remain in Laird and he built a house on what is now the corner of the highway and Pumpkin Point Road. His training, which took place at a mechanics school in Michigan led to a degree in Motor and Tractor Mechanics. He opened a garage beside his house, and made his living servicing the farm vehicles and automobiles as well as selling gas. Lloyd married Olive Mick in 1929, and they had four children.

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