Laird’s Military Honor Roll

“For King and Country Members of Laird Township who have volunteered for active service with the Canadian Fighting Forces.”

Pte. R.W. Bagler

Sig. A.J. Bradshaw

Pte. E.V. Catling

Pte. O.E. Catling

Tpr. W.C. Cook

L.A.W. M.C. Cove – R.C.A.F.

Flt. Lt. H.B. Curry – R.C.A.F.

Gnr. G.W. Eaton

Lance Bombardier J.H. Eaton

L.A.C. D.E. Evoy – R.C.AF.

Tel. (S.O.) E.F. Evoy – R.C.N.

F.O. L.W. Evoy – R.C.A.F.

Ab. Seaman J.F. Fremlin – R.C.N.

Pte. J. Garrett

Tpr. R.G. Gibb

Cpl. L.A. Gummerson

Dvr. A.A. Gunn

Dvr. W.G. Haldenby

Pte. E.F.H. Headley

A.C.2 C.A. Headrick – R.C.N.

Gnr. D.J. Headrick

Ab. Seaman W.K. Headrick – R.C.N.

Sgn. Lt. J.A. Henry – R.C.N.V.R

Lance Cpl. Provost D.K. Johnston

Pte. F.A. Johnston

L.A.C. R.W. Johnston – R.C.A.F.

Pte. L. Junor

Pte. W. Junor

L. Corp. D.M. Kehoe

Spr. J.A. Kehoe

Rifleman J.M. Kehoe

Pte. E.M. Khull

Sgt. R.W. Khull

L. Corp. Vera I. Khull

L.A.C. G.J. Keating – R.C.A.F.

Able Seaman J. Lukovitch – R.C.N.

L.A.C. P. Lukovitch – R.C.A.F.

Pte. G.W. McCluskie

Pte. O. McCoy

Cpl. D.H. McKinnon

Pte. J.D. McKinnon

Cpl. D. Montgomery

Pte. W. Montgomery

L.A.C. R.F. Murray

Pte. W. Reid

Pte. A. Rivers

Cpl. D. Rouleau

Gnr. J.W. Shellhorn

C.K. (S) L.L. Shellhorn – R.C.N.

Sig. A.G. Stewart – R.C.N.

Pte. W.A. Stewart

Sgt. W.R Stewart

Pte. F. Starzynski

Pte. A.P. Swire

Pte. W.T. Swire

Sgt. Air Gnr B.T. Taylor – R.C.A.F.

Pte. R. Taylor

E.V.R. A.A. Tuckett

Pte. W.E. Tuckett

Pte. J.F. Wilson

Sigm. L.F. Wilson

Of the 61 enlisted men who served in the Second World War, there was only one who did not return – Sgt. Air Gnr. Beverley T. Taylor.

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