The First StoreRecords show the earliest general store in the area was that of a Mr. Thornton who built a store in Bar River in 1880, on land purchased from John Evoy. This same store later became the home of Silas Evoy for a few years. In another change ofContinue Reading

Laird Township QuarryA great boon to the residents around was the development of the quarry on the Ernest and Percy Evoy farms. A demand for Silica, an alloy used in the steel-making process, and the. proximity to the railroad, not to mention the abundance of this natural resource, made theContinue Reading

Laird Township SawmillsThe first known sawmill in the township was that operated by the Ross Brothers on the John Armstrong farm in 1889. We are not sure how long this was in existence, but it was later taken over by John Armstrong. About the year 1895 or so, a secondContinue Reading

Gas Station And GarageIt appears from all reports that the Schoales family had the comer on the market as far as the local gas stations were concerned. It was the year 1894, that Mr. Francis Hamilton Schoales III came to Laird from Huron County, with his wife and their threeContinue Reading